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Digital Signage

Communicating to the world about your business can be very complex. What avenues should we communicate through? Who is our target audience? What do they like? Do people even read signs anymore? How do we get to the front page of Google? Who will create the content? All these questions need to be answered and more. The world is becoming an increasingly digital atmosphere and as Millennials grow older businesses will need to adapt to the new age of digital marketing. We are here to do just that for you, we create digital signage, conduct content creation, audience analysis, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Micro-Site Marketing and even AV integration and design. The experience that our team offers will help you utilize the increasingly new avenues of marketing to meet the demand of your business.
Our team can get your ad on a digital screen, whether it is a TV or Projector in the location you need it most. We can even manage your ads remotely to change them on screen whenever necessary. It is vitally important to get your brand seen in the right locations and we don’t want to waist your time by putting your ads were you don’t want it.

Target Analysis

The first thing that needs to be accomplished is figuring out who your audience is. Don’t know who they are? Well we can profile them for you! Once we have profiled your audience we will find out were they hang out, were they browse the internet and events they go too. We ensure that your ad is placed in a location were you will see the most return on your investment.

Content Creation

We have a dedicated team of content creators and writers. Our team comprises of Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Photographers and Content Writers. We can create all the content you need for your advertising campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

A new addition to our company is Search Engine Optimization. It is now more important than ever to maximize the exposure of your website. The internet is continually changing and it is important for your company to adapt to those changes. People not only need to find ways to get to your website, they need to be properly funnelled on your website to maximize the conversions of your customers. We can help you utilize SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Webmaster Tools and Analytics to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Site Audit

We run a full site audit to recommend changed within the content of your website as well as the code. Our team can find all the faults in your website and the locations that need improvement in order to help your site better perform in Search Engine Rankings.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click is a method often under utilized or utilized improperly. Our team not only does the research to analyze what keywords generate leads and traffic we create a specialized Landing Page to maximize the conversions so the money you spend getting those clicks do not go to waste!

Social Media

Social Media is a great avenue for creating brand awareness, but we want to take your Social Media even further and product traffic to your website that ultimately generates leads and customers. Every year new social media platforms are coming into play and our team continually researches and understands how to manipulate each platform to your benefit.


All of these methods need to be analyzed utilizing Google Analytics and other platforms to measure the success of our advertising campaigns. Through analytics we can improve upon conversion by visualizing what is working and what is not on your website. It is important to create the proper user flow within your website to funnel users into becoming customers.

Web Design

The web is continually changing, your website a year ago was stunningly beautiful, but today it is old and outdated! Our Developers specialize in CMS platforms to launch your website to make it easier for your to control. WordPress, Magento and Joomla are all platforms that we can create full websites in. We can bring e-commerce solutions to your website as well with a secure and dedicated server. Find 5 websites you like, give us a color profile and watch our team work! We not only create websites designed to be beautiful but to have a vastly superior user experience/flow. Marketing is an essential part of web design and many businesses overlook this. With us you get the full solution!

Content Creation

Silicon Cowboys offers full AV Solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions, from Projectors all the way to High End Audio Home Theater set-ups through our partners Rutherford Audio.

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