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Since 1993 we have been providing Information Technology services for the Metro Vancouver region. Our certified technicians will be happy to help with any of your technology related needs. Here are just a few of the services we provide:
IT Consulting & On-Call Support

Silicon Cowboys will consult, plan, and implement your client and server systems, networked printers, routers and internet connection. Then we’ll administer your system and provide highly responsive service and support.

APPLE OS X Server Setup

We set up Mac servers for businesses with both Mac and mixed-platform environments. Our vast experience and certifications allow us to understand and cater to your unique needs as a company and implement a server solution that is right for you.

Windows Integration

Whether you’re using Apple computers with a Windows network or visa versa, we help you seamlessly integrate the two. There’s no need to be an exclusive user of one brand when you can have the advantages of both.


We help small & medium sized businesses ease through their growing pains by implementing comprehensive email and collaboration solutions for their staff.

About Us

Metro Vancouver's Premier Information Technology Service

Our technicians are all Apple Solution Specialists with over ten years experience troubleshooting hardware and software issues with both PC and Apple products. As a result, Silicon Cowboys is the go-to option for resolving any information technology related issues or for planning and implementing corporate technology systems.

We are also an authorized reseller for some of North America’s biggest technology distributors, allowing for the provision of a vast array of products by the likes of Apple, Xerox, Adobe, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Samsung and much more.

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Eric Santoso
Technical Service Manager
Eric is the face of the operations. With his 10-plus-years of experience, brilliant problem solving skills, and a friendly attitude he has consistently maintained Silicon Cowboys’ reputation of excellence.
Robb Niemann
Founder & President
Robb’s initial vision in 1993 and his diligent guidance set the tone for the company’s long-term success. He now oversees all of the operations, playing a more behind-the-scenes role while Eric does the brunt of the calls.
Walter Brynjolfson
Web and Marketing
Walter provides marketing, communications, and web-related support wherever needed.
Mystery Man
Industry Executive Coming Soon
He hasn’t started yet but we prepared a spot for him on the website.


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